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Offering an endless selection of experiences and attractions for every age group, Australia is a young nation on an old continent having a rich and vibrant culture. The country is full of unique and interesting places of interest that include islands to desert areas to wild jungles full of endangered animals to some of the most urban areas of the world. Some of the must see attractions of the country include:


The Great Barrier Reef: Said to be the country’s most famous and remarkable feature, the Great Barrier Reef, apart from being blessed with breathtaking beauty, is also the World’s largest coral reef teeming with an abundance of colourful marine life. It contains over 3000 individual coral reef systems accompanied by over hundreds of mesmerizing tropical islands that contain some of the most beautiful sun soaked beaches of this world. Also considered to be one of the seven wonders of the natural world, the reef is the only living thing that is visible from the space while also being larger than the famous Great Wall of China. Stretching for over 3000kms parallel to the Queensland coast, the reef is collection of brilliant vivid corals that provide the divers with one of the most spectacular underwater experience they could ever imagine. Serving to be the breeding ground for some much endangered marine species, the reef has also been listed as a World Heritage Site making it one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the world.


Uluru: Located in the southern part of Central Australia, Uluru is a large sandstone rock formation considered sacred by the Anangu, the aboriginal people of the surrounding area. Also known as the Ayers Rock, the surrounding area to this formation is home to various springs, rock caves, waterholes, as well as ancient paintings. Said to be one of the most recognisable geological features of the country, the formation is especially famous for its appearing to change color at different times of the day as well as year.  


Sydney Opera House: Considered to be one of the most famous performing arts centre of the world, Sydney Opera House serves as an icon of the creative and technical achievements of the country. Located on the Bennelong point in a superb harbour setting, the opera house acts as a great urban sculpture set in a truly unique waterscape. Widely acclaimed as one of the 20th century architectural marvels, the place offers a dramatic and unforgettable vision whether viewed from a ferry, air or even by foot. Offering a showcase to the world’s greatest performers, the opera house contains a concert hall, drama and concert theatres, a studio and a playhouse. Today, the Sydney Opera House plays a pivotal role in the creative history of Australia wherein it represents the country as a whole on the world art stage. Do make sure to catch a lavish performance of art, theatre or drama at this iconic building while catching glittering harbour views during the intermission.


Bondi Beach: Often counted amongst one of the most famous beaches of the world, Bondi beach located in the eastern part of Sydney Central business district is an ideal beach spot due to its golden beaches, deep blue waters and perfect waves for swimming and surfing. Surfers from novices to experts throng the beach to get their share of surfing fun. There are various cafes and restaurants located right on the beach that offer excellent coffee and food to accompany the beautiful waterfront views. The place is also a haven for shopaholics looking to stock up on their beach and swimwear clothing. Home to various swimwear shops, shop to your heart’s content without losing sight of the beautiful beach view and vibrant beach life.


Warner Bros Movie World: Get lost in the fantasy and fun world of your favourite stars and super heroes in Warner Bros Movie World where you can experience the exhilaration of thrilling adventure rides as well as popular movie attractions. This popular movie theme park located on the Gold Coast, Queensland is the only movie related theme park of Australia with rides, costumed character performers, minor street shows as well as a special All Star Parade. Experience thrills of gigantic proportions as you take the steepest drop in the world on the Green lantern coaster or the high class thrill of Arkham Asylum that will have your adrenaline pumping. There is also the hard-to-miss live action stunt show by Hollywood stunt driver that will have you hanging on to the edge of your seat. Enjoy Hollywood at its best at this magical place that has some of your favourite cartoon characters as well as thrilling rides all at one place.


Fraser Island: Located on the southern coast of Queensland, Fraser Island is a heritage listed island listed as a World Heritage Site in 1992 to mark the international significance of the island’s natural features. This is because it is said to be the largest sand island of the world while also being the largest island off the Eastern coast of Australia. Due to its ongoing geological and biological processes as well as occurrences of superlative and unique natural landscapes, the place has always remained a point of interests for scientists all over the world. In fact, archaeological remains have been found on the island dating back to over thousands of years of culture of tradition. Today, the island is a popular tourist destination while being home to many must visit attractions such as Lake Boomanjin which is the largest perched lake of the world, Central Station, Lake McKenzie, Lake Wabby which is the deepest lake of the island, Eli Creek, Kingfisher Bay, Ocean lake and many more.


Sydney harbour Bridge: Affectionately known as ‘The Coathanger’ , Sydney Harbour bridge is a steel arch bridge bearing the weight of the pedestrian, vehicular, rail and bicycle traffic between Sydney Central business district and the North Shore. The dramatic view of the bridge acts as an iconic image for Sydney as well as the whole of Australia. Influenced by the Hell’s Gate Bridge of New York, the arch designed bridge is also the second widest long span bridge of the world.


Kakadu national Park: Located in the Northern Territory of Australia, Kakadu National Park is a unique ethnological and archaeological reserve with an abundant richness of its Aboriginal cultural sites. The place is also home to the Ranger Uranium Mine which is said to be one of the most productive uranium mines of the world. In addition to this, there are cave paintings, archaeological sites as well as rock carvi.ngs that have recorded the lifestyle and skills of ancient inhabitants of the region to the present Aboriginial people still living in the area. The park also serves as a unique example of a complete ecosystem complex that includes tidal flats, lowlands, floodplains and plateaux, thus providing a habitat to a wide range of endemic and rare species of flora and fauna. In fact, the place serves a window to a world well before our times with its ancient art and varied jungle environment.


The Twelve Apostles: Rising up majestically from the Southern Ocean on the dramatic Victoria coastline, the twelve apostles are magnificent rock stacks located off the shore of Port Campbell National Park. These limestone stacks are a popular tourist attraction due to their proximity to each other and have been created by the constant erosion over a period of millions of years. The softer limestone has gradually been washed away by the storms and blasting winds of the ocean creating caves in the cliffs which eventually became arches followed by collapsing of the stones to create these apostles. Originally known as the ‘Sow and the Piglets’, the place was renamed as the “Twelve Apostles” though there were only nine stacks to be named. Today, only eight remain as one collapsed in 2005 due to the still ongoing erosion of the stacks by the stormy waves. It is said that in  the coming future, the existing headlands are going to become the new Apostles at the rate the current ones are getting eroded.


Parliament House: Watch the politicians debate on today’s current pressing issues at the historic Parliament House located in Canberra, Australia. Get an insight into one of the most architecturally acclaimed buildings of the world with its giant flagpole affixed with an even bigger Australian flag fluttering high. The roof offers some of the most panoramic views of beautifully landscaped gardens along with other views of the daily Australian life. With its stunning contemporary art and furniture collection, the place is a delight for people of all age groups. The Parliament House is a standing icon representing the democratic identity of the country as a whole to all who visit the place.


Queen Victoria Market: One of the major landmarks of Melbourne, Australia, Queen Victoria Market is a significant icon of the culture and heritage of the city. Named after the Queen who ruled the British Empire, the place is a part of Victorian heritage Register and is the only surviving 19th century market area in Melbourne Central Business District. This historic landmark is fresh food shopping mecca and with over 600 retailers reflects the true cosmopolitan nature of Melbourne. Though the market is open for only five days a week, Sunday takes on a life of its own with entertainers from different fields delighting the crowd with their antics. Queen Victoria market is much more than just a shopping destination, it is an intrinsic part of the heritage, culture and history of the city as well as the country.


Darling Harbor: Located right next to the city centre of Sydney, Darling Harbour is a large recreational and pedestrian precinct with several popular attractions located over it. The place has also been featured in several popular tv shows as well as Hollywood movies such as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Neighbours and many more. Several popular attractions of the place include Madame Tussauds, Sydney Aquarium, Powerhouse Museum, Aboriginal centre, Chinese Garden of Friendship, and several other icons of popular culture.


State Library of Victoria: Considered to be one of the eminent cultural and literary institutions of Melourne, State Library of Victoria is the largest public reference library of the state. With over 2 million books and 16000 serials, their collection includes artwork, ephemera, audio and video files, books, music scores and others. The grassy landscaped lawn of the library is a popular picnic spot for city workers and students alike.


Pink Lake: This salt lake in the Goldfields Esperance region of Western Australia has been identified as an Important Bird Area of Australia. Though it is named so, it is not always pink in colour but the colour of the water changes due to the high con centration of green alga and brine prawn in the water. The startling pink colour of the lake is a natural phenomenon that needs to be witnessed to be believed.


Sydney Tower: Sydney Tower is the tallest free standing structure of Sydney as well as being the second tallest building of Australia. Also known as the Sydney Tower Eye or Centerpoint tower, the tower is also a proud member of the World Federation of Great Towers while also being a prominent tourist attraction of the city. The place offers breathtaking 360 degree views that range from distant blue mountains to golden sandy beaches. There is also the added experience of 4d cinema which is the first of its kind in the country. You can also try your hand to experience the SKYWALK- the highest outdoor adventure of Sydney that involves an exhilarating walk on the wild side over 260 metres above the harbour city.


Lord Howe Island: Lord Howe Island Group is a remarkable example of global natural significance islands that has been listed as a part of UNESCO Heritage sites. This group of isolated oceanic islands have been formed due to the volcanic activities over 2000 m below the sea. Home to various endemic species, the island has breathtaking topography and a unique biota of plants and animals. The place is also famous as the world’s most southerly true coral reef too. The place serves habitat to Lord Howe Woodhen once known as the rarest bird in the world as well as Lord Howe Island Phasmid, world’s largest stick insect. Located in the Tasman Sea, the place is Permanent Park Reserve though always open for tourists who love to take a look at the beautiful side of nature.  


The country is so ancient and diverse that people come here to experience and discover its cultural heritage. Discover not just attractions but  a great cuisine that has been influenced by cultures all over the world yet retaining its own unique essence.


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