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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic essentials when travelling to Australia?

Along with the basic essentials including passport and money in the form of traveller’s cheques, cash or credit card, you also need to have travel insurance. It is also a good idea to carry extra medicines as well as a letter or prescription from your doctor for any kind of emergencies. Pack according to the weather you are visiting the country as the sun could be quite strong in the country making hat, sunscreen and sunglasses completely essential.

What is the weather like in Australia?

Roughly the size of United States, Australia is a large country with its northern part in the tropical zone and the southern in a more temperate zone. This means that the northern part experiences summer from May to October while the southern has the dry season going from November to April. Though Australia is a beautiful place to visit, there are great distances to be travelled to visit them. So, make sure that you plan well ahead of everything to make your holiday more enjoyable and memorable.

 Where can I swim with Dolphins?

You can swim with dolphins at following places- Sorrento in Victoria, Byron Bay in New South Wales and Bunbury, Esperance and Monkey Mia in Western Australia.

What are the emergency numbers of Australia?

If you ever face any kind of emergency in Australia, just dial 000. It is the number that responds to all kinds of medical, accidental or natural emergencies in the country.

What is the commonly spoken language in Australia?

English is the most commonly spoken language in the country.

What is daylight saving period?

Most of the Australians states wind their watches forward an hour during the Daylight saving period. In Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia, this is done from the beginning of October to April while the other remaining states do not practice this.

What are the different time zones of Australia?

There are three time zones present in Australia- Eastern Standard time, Central Standard Time and Western Standard time. Central Standard time is over half an hour behind the Eastern standard time while Western Time Zone is over two hours behind EST.

Do I need any kind of vaccinations before visiting the country?

There are no vaccinations required of you before visiting Australia unless you have visited any yellow fever infected countries in the last six days before visiting Australia.

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